Running Tips For First Time Runners

As an avid runner, you know that every now and then, you have to run yourself into the ground. You have to constantly push yourself to do better and run harder to maintain your speed and to keep up with the competition.

When to throw in the towel?

So how do you know when you’ve got to run out of steam and lose your fitness? If you are running for longer than a mile or two, it could be time to throw in the towel. If you are only taking a few strides, the distance you’ve covered may not be nearly long enough to leave you burning calories.

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Push beyond your limits

If you continue to push beyond reasonable exhaustion, you may only be doing damage to your legs and joints. This is an important lesson in fitness. While the exercise itself might be fun, overdoing it will make your muscles sore and tendons burn

Run hardest

Even if you aren’t a really serious runner, it’s important to always run your hardest when running a tough race. Having a game plan will help your chances of winning. Consider several factors such as what you’re trying to accomplish, and what your fitness level is. Your goal is to find the best running plan for you.

It’s a good idea to take notes during the race so you can jot down information you think might be useful. To tell you the truth, a first time runner won’t be able to completely prepare for their first marathon. Instead, a good strategy is to start off slow. Take it easy. You will get better at running faster if you do.

Run better without training

There are many online sites where you can find videos and tips on how to run better without training for years. These sites are great because they make it possible to run easy and gradually get more competitive. Using the internet to train for a race, has helped some people who never thought they had a chance of finishing their first marathon.

For a first time runner, taking part in a training program is best if they are not too far behind schedule for their marathon. Even if you are well prepared for your first marathon, it’s not a bad idea to run a training race first. There is no reason to waste time and effort on a race that you will have trouble finishing. This is just another reason why marathon training is so important. You never know what the obstacles are going to be until you actually try.


The best thing about a marathon is that it’s a challenging event. Because you have such high expectations of what a marathon can do for you, you should consider any new challenge that is offered. If you feel it is something you can handle, take it seriously. Do whatever it takes to improve your speed and feel the adrenaline rush that comes with running marathons.